RightRisk is an innovative educational effort to help farmers and ranchers understand and explore risk management decisions and evaluate the effects of those decisions.

RightRisk Mission: RightRisk helps decision makers throughout the world discover innovative and effective risk management solutions.

RightRisk Education Team

The RightRisk Education Team was formed in 2002 by a coalition of researchers and extension specialists from eight western states including Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Most of the original team members had ties to the land-grant university in their home state. The RightRisk Education Team was established to develop innovative and effective extension education programs for ranchers and farmers as well as for extension personnel. The team focused on creating participatory, experiential learning environments so that people would find RightRisk workshops and seminars fun, exciting, and educational! The original King Family Ranch simulation was developed with this purpose in mind. Since then, the Ag Survivor series of simulations has grown considerably as has the list of educational products developed by RightRisk team members.

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RightRisk, LLC

Optimal Ag is a proud member of RightRisk, LLC. RightRisk, LLC was formed in 2005 and evolved from a subset of the original coalition of RightRisk Education Team members for the purpose of providing educational programs outside of the geographic area and land-grant university focus of education team members. Since that time, RightRisk educational programs have been offered throughout the U.S. including both the eastern and western coast of the continental U.S., Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Great Britain. RightRisk, LLC is managed by an executive board of its member/owners. Almost all of which were raised on a farm or ranch and some of which currently own and operate farm and ranch businesses with a diversity of enterprises. RightRisk, LLC members reside in three western states (Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming) and remain committed to a common interest in providing innovative educational programming to farmers and ranchers.

RightRisk Educational Programs

Members of the RightRisk Education Team and RightRisk, LLC have offered hundreds of live educational programs serving thousands of farm and ranch constituents since 2002. Working with county Extension agents, agricultural lenders, commodity groups, individual farm or ranch management teams, and others, these educational programs have been offered in hundreds of locations throughout North America and abroad. The workshop programs have been as short as one hour and as long as two days. They have been designed to meet a variety of educational purposes and delivered using a variety of interactive formats. As a founding member of the RightRisk Education Team and RightRisk, LLC, Dr. Jay Parsons, President of Optimal Ag Consulting, has participated in the planning and delivery of hundreds of RightRisk educational programs. He believes strongly in the interactive learning environment that tools like the Ag Survivor simulation series make possible and remains active delivering dozens of live workshop programs each year. A complete listing of live RightRisk educational programs can be found at rightrisk.org.

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